Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Social Media: Its Dynamics on My Life

How has social media affected my life? 

I will have to say the first advantage is that it has made it possible for me to connect with my friends, families, and business associates. Not only that, I love shopping for shoes and most times Facebook analysis my shopping history and advertise to me for the particular substance I desire or have purchased prior. I love this aspect of Facebook because, most times I do not have the time to navigate from site to site, but the downside to this is that when I do not have the money, I am tempted to shop when I see these advertisements.

The disadvantages of why I do not surf on social media very often are that it creates this false pretense in that you never know what is actually true of what individuals post. Secondly, it opens up realms for gossiping and a form of distraction especially now that I am in school and that is why I have deactivated my Facebook account. And if I am signed on, I post minimally or try my best not to put what I am up to on Facebook as well as LinkedIn. These are the only forms of social media I am currently members of as well as Instagram.

Other Disadvantages
Exposure to inappropriate contents
Cyber bullying

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Beauty of Cameroon

My name is Mercy, and I am from Cameroon (in French it is Cameroun). I love my country and I cannot wait to visit it for the first time since coming to U.S. I came to America with my grandmother, sister, and brother to join my mother. I can recall my first time in America, we stopped briefly at McDonald, and I can recollect me and my siblings wasting the hamburgers and fries my mother had bought for us. This was because our taste buds were not yet accustomed to the difference in texture and taste of the various foods in the U.S.A. We was used to eating coconut jolloff rice, fufu and eru, suya, and burning fish. Oh how I miss Cameroon by just imagining these delicious delicacies. Although most of the foods use to create these dishes are currently being imported into the U.S.A; as with every food, it is never the same as home. Cameroon is located in West Central Africa, and it has over 24 ethnic languages. Cameroon is one of the ONLY countries in the world divided by language. Half speak French and the other half speak English. Although I was born in the French side, but before I was able to articulate words fully, we moved to the English side. That is why my first language is English, my ethnic language Bakoussi, Pidgin, and then French. Cameroon is not only prosperous in its foods and languages, but the people that live there have beauty within them as with its surroundings.
Coconut Jollof rice

Fufu and Eru

Burning Fish and Meyondo with Pepper

My people are full of live, and children must always respect their elders. No matter if you are related to an individual or not, you MUST insert uncle or aunty before the individual's name. Not only that, but every ethnic group has its various customs and beliefs, but one thing that is universal is when a lady is ready to leave her mother’s house, the man in question MUST pay her bride price. The traditional wedding is what is considered marriage in the eyes of my people. Even abroad, we still respect these customs. Traditional before white wedding. 

Famous Soccer Player Samuel Eto'o Fils

An Example of a Cameroon Traditional Marriage in the U.S.A

For its landmarks, Cameroon is known for the Waza National Park in the North. Here, you will take a safari adventure to view all the wild animals in Africa. Popular cities that I recommend you visit, include Yaounde (the Capital), Douala, Mfou, and Mbalmayo. These cities have a lot to offer in things to do as well as the beauty they exude. If you need a place to stay during your stay, I recommend Saddle Hill Ranch. It is a government resort that will pertain to your needs. And if you want to relax by the beach, don't forget to stop by Limbe and sip a bottle of Top or Djino as you devour the burning fish Limbe is so famous for.

The Waza National Park

Yaounde (Capital)

An Example of  a Village in Mfou

Saddle Hill Ranch

 By Mercy